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Sean Hannity

Hannity got his first commercial radio job by posting a "Job Wanted" ad in Radio & Records. He was picked up immediately by WVNN in Huntsville, Alabama. Radio station WGST brought Hannity to Atlanta, where his ratings success led to a phone call from the b. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News, brought Hannity to New York City in the fall of 1996.

Fox News Channel began "Hannity & Colmes" in the
most competitive time slot in prime time, where the show rivaled CNBC's "Geraldo" for ratings, challenged CNN's "Larry King Live" and caught the attention of WABC-AM Program Director Phil Boyce. Hannity joined WABC in 1997. His strong political commentary has brought vast numbers
of listeners, and "The Sean Hannity Show" now has a strong lead over long-time New York conservative host Bob Grant's program on WOR Radio.

"It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me to put a guy like Sean Hannity on the air and watch him grow into one of the top talk talents in America," said WABC's program director Phil Boyce. "As Hannity's ratings have grown, so has his national reputation. I knew that something special was happening around the country when I learned that more listeners on the Internet were tuning in to Hannity than any other program on WABC, and WABC was the most streamed audio site in the world. We are thrilled to bring Sean's radio broadcast to his powerfully loyal audience nationwide."

"The Sean Hannity Show" regularly hosts discussions with America's political leadership. Recent guests have included President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, the Reverend Al Sharpton, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, numerous members of the United States Congress, members of the Bush Cabinet, and the leadership of the Republican and Democratic Committees.

This year, subscribers of Radio & Records voted Hannity "Talk Personality of the Year" in 2001. He was also named "Best Talk Show Host" by the 2000 New York Metro Air Awards.

Click here to visit the Sean Hannity Website: Hannity.com


Bob King

Andy Dillon

(December 6) - State Treasurer Andy Dillon talks to Paul W. Smith about the city of Detroit's troubled finances and he explains why he told the city the state may have to install an emergency financial manager.